Wasatch Academy Mission Statement

Wasatch Academy provides a nurturing community that empowers young men and women to develop academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and morally, preparing them for college and for the challenges of living in the global society.

Wasatch Academy Core Values

  1. 365体育投注Respect for the individual – We strive to make sure each student is challenged appropriately while preserving personal dignity and a culture of kindness.

  2. Ownership – Ownership means accountability. We strive for faculty, staff, and students to feel responsible for developing a climate of joyful learning, inspiring instruction, ethical commitment, and individual creativity.

  3. 365体育投注Community – The Wasatch Academy community prizes its status as a diverse, dynamic, global community.

  4. 365体育投注Innovation – Wasatch Academy strives to lead the way in innovations that strengthen the educational/residential approach to preparing students for higher education and good citizenship.

  5. Health and Safety – We provide a safe and healthy environment and embed a lifelong safety and health ethic in faculty and students.

Wasatch Academy, in preparing its students to be citizens of the global community in the 21st century, recognizes the importance of providing an inclusive and equitable learning environment that encourages and supports the affirmation of the fundamental dignity of each individual. We believe our community must respect the diversity found in today’s global society, including differences in culture, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, learning styles, physical ability, and socioeconomic status. Wasatch Academy strives to embody this belief in the composition of our faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees. Our commitment in nurturing a diverse community of learners is essential to the fulfillment of the Wasatch Academy mission.